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NameDownloadRelease DateDescription
OPSIM v8.3 Build 6908 (Setup) 30/11/18 The latest version of OPSIM which includes a complete interface overhaul, additional modelling nodes, and improved handling of time series data.
Quick Start Version 8OPSIM_Quick_Start_Guide_Rev_1_0.pdf 24/01/17 Welcome and quick start guide to the new OPSIM Version 8
Installation GuideOPSIM_Installation_Guide_Rev_3_3.pdf 23/09/18 Detailed guide for the installation of OPSIM and WibuKey Drivers
What's 30/11/18 Complete list of features and enhancements for the latest version of OPSIM
Initialization and Activation GuideOPSIM_Licensing_Activation_Rev_1_1.pdf 07/12/17 Guidelines on how to install your licence "ini" file and then activate it (Version 8.3)

WibuKey Software

NameDownloadRelease DateDescription
WibuKey Drivers 8/04/19 Software drivers for the WibuKey USB lock - required for OPSIM operation *** WIBU SECURITY UPDATE ***
WibuKey Help FileWKUSEUS.CHM 30/12/16 Windows format Help File for installation and configuration of the WibuKey
Important Information about WibuKeyWibuKey-User-Information-20181219a.pdf 21/12/18 *** WIBU SECURITY UPDATE *** Notificaton from Wibu Systems

Ancillary Material

NameDownloadRelease DateDescription
Reference 06/10/18 The OPSIM User Reference Manual (Version 8.3.6)
Model Conversion GuideOPSIM_Conversion_Guide_Rev_1_0.pdf 24/01/17 Guide for the conversion of old format OPSIM Projects and Scenarios to the latest version
Licence AgreementOPSIM_Licence_Standard_Rev14.pdf 01/06/18 OPSIM Licence Agreement
Price ListOPSIM_Price_List_1July18.pdf 01/07/18 OPSIM Price List
Licence Type GuideOPSIM_Options_Summary_Rev3.pdf 01/01/18 A tabulation listing the various types of OPSIM licences
Evaluation Licence GuideOPSIM_Evaluation_Summary_Rev2.pdf 01/01/18 An outline of the scope and operation of an evaluation licence
Cloud Access GuideOPSIM_Cloud_Access_Guide_Rev_1_1.pdf 24/01/17 Guidelines on how to connect to and use OPSIM on the Cloud


NameDownloadRelease DateDescription
Tutorial Module 1 (Ver 8.2)Module 1 - 15/06/17 The first module is an introduction to the OPSIM interface and it's functionality
Tutorial Module 2 (Ver 8.2)Module 2 - Building and 15/06/17 The second module teaches users how to build a model from scratch, and then calibrate that model to existing data
Tutorial Module 3 (Ver 8.2)Module 3 - 10/02/17 The third module teaches users about document management in OPSIM
Tutorial Module 4 (Ver 8.2)Module 4 - Site 18/06/17 Module four focuses on applying OPSIM to a set of site optimisation problems
Tutorial Module 5 (Ver 8.2)Module 5 - Environmental 18/06/17 Module five focuses on using OPSIM to explore operational parameters related to environmental regulatory compliance
Tutorial Module 6 (Ver 8.2)Module 6 - Inventory 18/06/17 Module six shows how OPSIM can be used for inventory forecasting applications


NameDownloadRelease DateDescription
OPSIM v8.3 (Setup) 25/06/18 OPSIM Setup for Version 8.3.6632 (superseded)
OPSIM v8.2 (Setup) 22/04/17 OPSIM Setup for Version 8.2.6322 (superseded)
OPSIM v8.2 (Hotfix) 16/06/17 OPSIM Hotfix for Version 8.2.6378 (superseded)
OPSIM OPSIM Setup for Version 7.45.29 (superseded)
OPSIM OPSIM Setup for Version 7.46.5331 (superseded)
Tutorial Module OPSIM Tutorial Pack Module 1 - Introduction for OPSIM V7.45 and V7.46
Tutorial Module OPSIM Tutorial Pack Module 2 - Building and Calibration for OPSIM V7.45 and V7.46

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